Montana black bear hunting article by Paul Servey.

Big Sky Bruins

By: Paul Servey

Our father has been our hero our whole lives.  He served his country for 23 years in the United States Army as a Green Beret and taught my two brothers and I many valuable life lessons.  We would not be the outdoorsmen or hunters we are today if it weren’t for his example.  As I have gotten older, watching family and friends…

Coyote calling secrets from author Garrett Johnson.

Tracks InThe Snow

By: Garrett Johnson

With sugar laced donuts and caffeine loaded coffee in our hands, my calling partner Colten Gillum and I pulled away from the gas pump listening to the crunch of fresh snow compacted by BFG’s. Having spent several hours the night before on Google Earth mapping out a plan of attack, our eager minds continually drifted to the possibilities of our newfound spot.

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