Best Skinning Knife on the Market

Who makes the best skinning knife? What is the best steel? What is the best skinning knife with a gut hook? Read on and you’ll understand why these questions are mostly irrelevant for modern hunters! Since the advent of replaceable blade knives, the knife industry has seen a surge in how hunters use knives! It’s likely that the old Buck 119 your grandpa gave you is brought out only for nostalgia once in a great while. And it probably doesn’t even get bloody!

The best skinning knife on the market is the Piranta Edge according to the AVID crew.
Havalon’s Piranta Edge in action on an early season mule deer

Revolutionizing The Market

When Havalon knives entered the scene, they revolutionized the market. Replaceable surgical steel blades eliminate the need to carry a sharpener, or ever use one again in the field. Purists might not think the blade design is perfect for skinning and may even be reluctant still to try one out in the field. I can assure you however, this is the best skinning knife, the best quartering knife, the best de-boning knife, and the best caping knife all rolled up into one awesome little package.

There’s quite a variety of great Havalon hunting knives available, but we’ve had great success with the Piranta line, and don’t plan on changing any time soon! These amazing do-all hunting knives are separated into distinct categories based on blade size and handle design.

Piranta Edge

The Piranta Edge is Havalon’s best-selling knife and is specifically designed for skinning and field dressing any kind of wild game. The versatility is in the simplicity of this design. From gamebirds and squirrels, to mule deer and moose, Havalon’s Piranta Edge will perform as well as the person using it.


● 12 additional stainless steel #60A blades, 2-3/4″

● Rugged stain resistant ABS plastic handle

● Overall length 7-1/4″

● Ambidextrous thumb studs

● Open back for easy cleaning

● Liner-lock construction

● Removable holster clip

● Nylon holster included

● Fits #60A and #60XT blades

America's best skinning knife is innovative, sharp, and built for today's hunter.
Two Piranta Edge knives in action skinning Brandon’s desert three point

Knife Safety

When wielding the sharpest blades on the planet, users should pay close attention to detail in order to avoid a mishap. Contrary to popular belief however, more knife injuries are recorded each year by dull blades than sharp ones! Think about it…If your blade in a conventional knife becomes dull you must have a way of sharpening it in the field. Not only are you adding extra weight by carrying a sharpening stone, you must stop working on your game and take care of your blade before proceeding. Some of you will do that, others won’t. Additional pressure must be used to complete your cut with a dull blade, and that can lead to injuries!

The smooth cuts made with Havalon’s ultra-sharp stainless-steel surgical blades are actually safer for you to use. Very light pressure is needed to make cuts, when skinning, quartering, boning, or caping out your game! Over the years we’ve had some minor mishaps while working on game, but because we pay attention to detail and best practices, all injuries have been very minor and not one stich has been needed.

Havalon Customer Service

I’m sure many of you have been in a situation similar to the following scenario that happened a couple years ago on a mule deer hunt in north-central Arizona. After shooting a really cool and tall muley at 56 yards, my friends on the opposing hillside were watching the action unfold and thought I may had hit the buck a little back. We waited a while to take up the blood trail but found a good amount of sign and the arrow looked like I indeed hit lungs.

The buck tore off through the thick scrub oak which made tracking difficult. A massive cold front rolled in and large amounts of snow would soon fall, we would have to hurry. After finally finding the buck three hours later, the snow had begun to fall. We made quick work of the buck but in the process, I put my knee on the handle of my black Havalon which rendered it unable to close.

After removing the blade and packing that buck out of the canyon, we all headed home. A few days later I decided to call Havalon and explain the situation. They sent me a brand new knife! This time however I opted for the orange design which would me more easily seen in the field. I’ve been using it ever since!


Quality products are a dime a dozen, they really are! With the innovation capabilities of companies throughout the industry great products come out every year. Havalon is able to produce a top tier product while backing it up with exemplary customer service. I know the AVID crew will be using these knives for quite some time and hope that by reading this article you will give Havalon a shot too!

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