Bowhunting the mule deer rut is a rewarding experience.

Bowhunting The Mule Deer Rut

Bowhunting mule deer is never really easy, but as bowhunters we’re lucky to have the odds tipped slightly in our favor in states with liberal hunting seasons open during the annual mule deer rut. The following rut hunting tactics have worked well for the AVID crew over the last few years on our annual Arizona mule deer hunts, but can…

Boss Of The Farm

Sitting on top of the kitchen counter, drinking coffee, I just knew this was the morning it would all come together. But, then again, I think that before any sit in the deer woods of Linn County, Kansas. It was our third day in Kansas, I had seen some deer, but not what I drove eight hours to arrow. My friends, who made the drive from East Texas with me, had already enjoyed encounters

OTC Idaho Mule Deer

Every year since I was a young child, my father would take all three boys deer hunting; this is where my passion for mule deer was planted and subsequently grew. The excitement that came with missing school to make memories in the mountains with my family, is unforgettable. In retrospect, these were the greatest hunting memories I have ever made and with these memories…

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