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AVID Hunting and Outdoors Digital Magazine is built by article submissions from regular hunters like you! Read on to learn more about this unique format, and subscribe for a chance to win absolutely epic hunts for elk, bears, African plains game and more! Plus we’ll outfit winners with tons of awesome gear from our sponsors before they take off for their hunting adventure!

Isn’t it gratifying to read about a family man that uses his hard-earned vacation days to hunt elk and ultimately kills the bull of his dreams? The raw emotion and passion for the hunt bleeds through his words into the magazine, and then to your subconscious. Couldn’t you just as easily be that guy?

Or what about the young lady that looks forward to deer season every year and absolutely cherishes that time spent with her aging father? They hunt hard and usually finish their hunt with a small buck and lifetime memories. There’s nothing wrong with that…But this time is different, and she wants to tell her story! The stars aligned as her dad glassed up a great four point and she made an awesome cross canyon shot. Her story will carry passion, tell the story of family tradition, and ultimate respect for a deer that she’s longed to take since she was a child. Stories like that hit hard and are so memorable!

AVID Hunting and Outdoors is about a passion for something we all love to do. This magazine tells the tale of conservation, and the intricate story of how passing on traditions is rooted deeply within our culture. Our authors hunt hard, and know a great deal about the sport. They want to share their story with you because they simply love all aspects of this AVID lifestyle we’ve chosen to live.

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Take a look inside and see what AVID is all about. Read stories of outdoor adventure, learn about new and exciting outdoor products, and feel the passion of hunters just like you as they tell their stories.

AVID Hunting and Outdoors Digital Magazine
AVID Hunting and Outdoors Digital Magazine
AVID Hunting and Outdoors Digital Magazine

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