AVID Picks- Hunting Gear

Hunting gear- Electronic caller review. FoxPro Shockwave.

E-Caller Review- FOXPRO Shockwave

I took a trip out to Nevada to call in some coyotes with an old buddy who had gotten me into the sport and taught me how to use hand calls. I couldn’t wait to show him the new set-up I’ve been reviewing all year, the FoxPro Shockwave with the FoxJack 4 Decoy! It’s always fun to show guys who typically use a hand call the capabilities of today’s latest…

Hunting gear- Lance Trailers

Lance Trailers

Longevity in the business world speaks volumes for not only the customer service a company provides, but of the product in which they furnish for their customers. Lance has been in business since 1965 spearheading the industry standard in trailer design quality and functionality. Their company motto is simply…

Who makes the best skinning knife?

Best Skinning Knife

Who makes the best skinning knife? What is the best steel? What is the best skinning knife with a gut hook? Read on and you’ll understand why these questions are mostly irrelevant for modern hunters! Since the advent of replaceable blade knives, the knife industry has seen a surge in how…

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