Get Paid To Write

We’re looking for some great articles for upcoming issues of AVID Hunting and Outdoors Digital Magazine. We realize your time and intellectual property is valuable and we’ve come up with a compensation plan that savvy writers will be able to capitalize on very easily.

Seeking Articles About…

  • Late season elk hunting tactics
  • Archery equipment reviews
  • Largemouth bass fall/winter techniques
  • Fly fishing for trout in small streams
  • Alaskan moose hunt adventure
  • Stalking strategies for western game
  • Youth hunts for elk, mule deer, or black bear
  • The lost art of tracking game
  • Mule deer hunt adventure
  • Bighorn sheep hunt adventure
  • How to take the perfect kill photo
  • Bow tuning for beginners and advanced archers
  • Pronghorn adventure
  • Longbow/Recurve hunt adventure for elk, mule deer, or sheep
  • Trail camera strategies for elk or whitetails
  • In-depth look at conservation
  • Scouting for western game

Of course you’re not limited to the above choices…Please email with your story ideas and to learn how you can be compensated for your time.